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Well, now that you’ve got your gun

It’s much harder now the police have come

Now I’ll shoot him if it’s what you ask

But if you just take off your mask

You find out everything’s gone wrong.

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Philosopher’s stone + chapters (insp.)

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"When it comes down to a choice between you and a possum…that possum better die next time."


- Hal in Star Crossed (Battered Hearts) by Kele Moon (via adropofvictoria)

I always want to know about Hal and Terry. I hope there’s more of them in future books (I know it’s unlikely, but I really want to read more about their relationship)

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"I wouldn’t mind bringing Vincent Van Gogh back from the dead and cooking him a meal. I’d love to talk about his paintings but I’d be more interested to find out why the fella chopped his ear off. I’d probably save that conversation for the pudding course." Rupert Grint

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"Tasting what could have been, what should have been, didn’t make it easier."

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a-restless-dream requested: favorite Shawn/Gus moments

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art history meme
↳ mannerism  ||  [5/5] movements

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Jennifer Lawrence: Harry Potter Superfan - Late Night with Seth Meyers

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